In IT industry, Git is being used widely for version control system. Also, I am happy to see that engineers today are getting passionate and enthusiastic to use command line interface compared to GUI. It’s a great trend to see in youth.

To motivate the youth and Git users to use Git Bash, I have tried to compile few commands to help them and myself to refer and have the work done.

git clone https://<path>/<repo_name>.git

2. My code is ready…

In this second article, let me try to answer some of the questions popped at the end of the last article.

Let’s start with questions related to the repository. In context of version control system (vcs), here git, the repository is centrally located on some server where the code is made available to other team members. Now one must be wondering about, how git is distributed when it is made available centrally. It was already answered in my last article, would elaborate a bit here. When the repository is cloned on one’s machine, the clone maintains the copy of central…

Well many wonder why GIT? I suggest them to “Give It a Try”. Its more than other centralized version control system available in IT market today.

I being more philosophical, would try restricting my articles from theory and would focus on some getting started concepts, with ease.

NOTE: My articles on GIT will be totally based on commands and their use. I recommend to not use UI or any plugin with IDE, rather use GIT BASH Command line interface. The initial articles may contain more theory as it is must to get started.

I assume, the readers are aware about…

Herin Lakdawala


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